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GRAMMY Foundation Zurich Charity Cup
Interactive game bringing together 7 Pro Golf Players & Charities to raise Golf and Charity awareness through user voting within 9 week-long games; The project resulted in 120K visitors who kept returning to the site weekly.

About the Project Zurich Charity Cup brings 7 Pro Golf Players together to represent their favorite Charities. The users are the ones that decide who will be the winning Team by cheering throughout the 9 holes. Cheering is manifested through simply selecting and getting to know your Player & Charity and then cheering or by playing match up games to score extra cheers.
The site is iPad and other tablet-compatible, created to be fun and exciting by bringing in a different game or hole each week. Through game play the users get to learn about the Players, Charities and Golf. Zurich Charity Cup
Challenges & Art Direction Given the limited assets, budget and permissions from the client, the initial challenge itself was creating a direction that would not relly too much on the large imagery of the Golf Players - thus all the visuals had to be created from scratch wherever possible. The clubs appearing on each game’s introduction screen have been photographer from my personal golf collection and then retouched to look new and color compatible with the site. Another challenge was creating a site that would be templated (due to the limited development time in between the games), yet that was different enough each week for the user to come back throughout the life of the project. The project was finalized in 2 templates: Straight on Vote & Interactive Quiz;