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This re-branded site has brought in more visual interest by bringing in image galleries of the Society's collections and events and custom watercolor illustrations and collages; In addition the site has been re-organized for easier navigation and added more content that would cover content from scholarly resources, calendar of events, to a members only password-protected area. The site was built in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, made to be compatible for displays on all devices.
Challenges & Art Direction As the Society was going through general rebranding, they realized that their web presence should reflect this update. They had the new logo and basic typography and colors set, however it needed to be adapted for web.

Navigation: The original site had numerous categories and pages that had to be reorganized into a cleaner and more logical structure. The navigation has been reduced to a few categories, dividing the left side to informative categories and the right with the big projects that the society is working on throughout the years.

Typography: To address the wide range of audience (18 - over 90 years old), pages had to be legible and yet attractive. For this reason the font is a bit larger than what I'm used tofor the body text, so I balanced it out with large colorful images. I also introduced a sans-serif font for the header images intended specifically for the younger audience.

Templates: For ease of future growth of the site, most of the pages follow a template, but to make the pages visually distinct I created custom illustrations and collages.
National Society of Colonial Dames of America National Society of Colonial Dames of America