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Society of the Cincinnati
The site features many image galleries of the Society's collections and exhibits, virtual tour of the museum, viewable digitized historical books, scholarly resources, calendar of events, a showcase of items for sale by the Society, downloadable catalogs and reports, and a password-protected area with resources for members only. The site was built in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and uses no Flash functionality, so it displays on all devices.
Society of the Cincinnati Challenges & Art Direction The Society had a site that was in need of updating. The initial site had numerous categories and pages, and the first task was to re-organize the site into a cleaner and more logical structure. With the new structure each of the targeting audiences (Scholars interested in the Society, Society Members and Visitors) would have their own section of interest, but help them as well in exploring other related topics on the site. The solution was to create areas of interest within each page:
Right Column Content: On view / Museum Hours section allows the user to either learn more about the current exhibitions or get the incentive to visit the museum in person Links within the main area: Word links within the content tying to the word-specific page Bottom Section CTA : Graphic long, skinny units lead the user to a different navigational category. Each unit has it's own custom-made graphic
Right Column Content Initially, the main goal for this area was to display highlighted works from various Museum's Collections. However, as the exploration of the site's needs progressed, the necessity for clearly highlighted hours and location of the Museum emerged. Eventually, this section evolved to serve many purposes among which are evern scrolable lists. The right column, however, remained directly related to the contents of the page it lives in, and to highlight useful facts.

Left column, similar in look and feel to the right column, serves as a image container, visually breaking down the content of the page. In some cases, the left column is a click-through gallery or a contacts reference.
Society of the Cincinnati
Society of the Cincinnati
Society of the Cincinnati Color Palette Palette has been carefully picked from the Society's symbolic objects and paintings.

Golds and blues have been set as primary colors, as they are the most reoccuring colors.

The secondary color palette has been manually created so it complements the already set color palette and shows properly for web.
Society of the Cincinnati